Call for Submissions

The Threads Group: Call for submissions
(deadline Sunday 16th September, 2012)

The Threads Group is a group of postgraduate students working in creative writing and literary translation at the University of East Anglia and a group of undergraduate students studying English Language and Literature at the University of Inonu, Malatya, under the guidance of their lecturer, Berkan Ulu.

Over the past year the students have translated several poems into English and these are now appearing here. The group is entering its second phase of the project, where we are asking writers with a connection with the UEA (current students, staff and alumni of the School of Literature, Drama and Creative Writing) to come up with ‘creative responses’ to the poems.

A creative response to a poem is an original piece of writing which takes its ‘starting point’ from another piece of work. It may share aspects of its form or its subject matter, or could turn the narrative of that piece of writing towards a new imaginative direction. It might concentrate on a specific piece of the source text, that the writer finds particularly interesting, alternatively, the writer may not like the source text at all, and may wish to illustrate this creatively.

Successful submissions will then be translated back into Turkish by the Inonu students. They will also be submitted to appear on this site. It is also likely that the University of Inonu, Malatya will be able to fund a physical publication of the poems.

Those wishing to participate in the project should contact The Threads Group workshop at the following at threadstranslate@gmail.com. They will then be sent a PDF of the current poems. Submissions will only be accepted by email, and should be sent as either attachments or in the body of the email. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 16th September, 2012.


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