‘A Place In The Country’ by W.G. Sebald

‘A Place In The Country’ is a newly translated collection of essays by the late W.G. Sebald and is published today by Hamish Hamilton.  Sebald (pictured) joined UEA in 1970 as a lecturer in German Literature and became Professor of European Literature in 1987.  He was a founding Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) in 1989 and taught on the MA in Creative Writing from the mid-1990s until his death in a car crash in 2001, aged 57.  Until he emerged as an internationally significant novelist with the publication of ‘The Emigrants’ in 1996, he was known principally as a scholar of German and particularly Austrian literature. His other highly acclaimed and influential novels are ‘Rings of Saturn’ (1999), ‘Vertigo’ (2000) and ‘Austerlitz’ (2001).  ‘A Place In The Country’ is translated by his former colleague and UEA Senior Lecturer in Literature, Jo Catling.

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