Alwan, Mohammed Hasan

Mohammed Hasan Alwan is a Saudi Arabian novelist, short story writer, and newspaper columnist. Alwan has published four novels to date: Saqf Elkefaya (2002), Sophia (2004), Touq Altahara (2007), Al-Qundus (2011). His work has appeared in the New York Times (“Saudi Arabia, Declassified”); in the Guardian (“Oil Field”, translated by Peter Clark): in Words Without Borders (“Mukhtar”, translated by William M. Hutchins); and in Banipal magazine (“Blonde Grass” and “Statistics”, translated by Ali Azeriah).


In 2009-10, Alwan was chosen as one of the 39 best Arab authors under the age of 40 by the Beirut39 project. He was also a participant in the first IPAF Nadwa in 2009. His work is published in the Beirut39 anthology (Beirut39: New Writing from the Arab World, edited by Samuel Shimon) and in the IPAF Nadwa anthology (Emerging Arab Voices, edited by Peter Clark).


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