Buang, Sa’eda

Dr Sa’eda Bte Buang is the Assistant Head of of the Asian Languages and Cultures group at the National Institute of Education. Dr Sa’eda received her Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts from the National University of Singapore, and Doctor of Philosophy from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She obtained her Diploma in Education from the the Nanyang Technological University/National Institute of Education. She received the Literary Award (poetry) in 2003, and Literary Award (short stories), as well as Literary Award (commendation, poetry) from the Singapore Malay Language Council in 2005. Her award-winning poem entitled Pustakaku dalam Remang Senja (My Reading Room in the Twilight) was translated into Mandarin by Chan Maw Woh and featured in Lianhe Zaobao in 2003. Another of her award-winning poem entitled Malang, senda & citra (Misfortunes, comedy and image) was selected for the READ! Singapore 2010 campaign which aimed to, among other things, create a vibrant reading culture in Singapore.


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