Montes, Javier

JAVIER MONTES (Madrid, 1976) won the Premio José María de Pereda with his first novel, Los penúltimos, which was followed by his novel Segunda parte. His last novel is La vida de hotel (Anagrama, 2012). Along with Andrés Barba he won the Premio Anagrama de Ensayo for La ceremonia del porno. They also collaborated in the publication of After Henry James. In 2010, Granta included him among their selection Best of Young Spanish-language Novelists and his stories have appeared in various anthologies. As a translator he has focused on critical publication and research into the works of Shakespeare: he has also translated works by Mary Robison, Dore Ashton, Charles Dickens, Guillaume Apollinaire and Rachid O. Since 2012 he has worked as Literary Director of the Santa Maddalena Foundation in Florence.


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The Penultimates


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Part Two