Spurling, John

John Spurling (b. 1936) was Henfield Writing Fellow at UEA in 1973. Besides MacRune’s Guevara, more than twenty-five of his plays have been performed on stage, radio and television over the past three decades, including In the Heart of the British Museum (1971), The Death of Captain Doughty (1973), Racine at the Girls’ School (1992), Heresy (2001) and A Household in Hove (2002). He was art critic of the New Statesman from 1977 to 1988. His published plays include MacRune’s Guevara (1969) and The British Empire, Part One (1982). He has also published two books of criticism, Beckett the Playwright (with John Fletcher, 1972, 1978, 1985), and Graham Greene (1983), and three novels, The Ragged End (1989), After Zenda (1995), and A Book of Liszts (2011).


Photo credit: Nick Spurling


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