Trevett, Shash

Shash Trevett is a Tamil from Sri Lanka who came to the UK to escape from the civil war. She has been published in Modern Poetry in Translation and one of her poems was made into a Poetry Postcard by English PEN and MPT (Summer 2013). In 2014 her work was used by the artist Alec Finlay, in conjunction with the National Trust/ Arts Council, as part of his First World War Commemoration installation ‘they were our own/ they were the others’. She has had a poem published in the Raving Beauties/Bloodaxe Anthology Hallelujah for 50ft Women (2015) and two poems will appear in the MPT 50th Anniversary anthology Centres of Cataclysm (forthcoming). She has given readings around Yorkshire and was invited to read at the York Literature Festival in 2015. She has been recorded by the British Library sound archive for their Between Two Worlds: Poetry & Translation Project (forthcoming).


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