Paddy & K’Den

Toby Litt

A new short story featured from the Being Dad anthology published on March 3rd by Tangent Books.

The Longest Fight

Emily Bullock

An excerpt from Emily Bullock's new novel, set in 1950s London amidst the gritty and violent world of boxing and due for publication this week by Myriad Editions.

Extract from THE TOURISTS

Julianne Pachico

Here he comes. Folding the cuff of his black shirt above his wrists so that a pale strip of unburnt skin shows, like a patch of exposed land on a jungle hillside.

Life and Death

Kathryn Simmonds

An excerpt from Kathryn Simmonds’ debut novel, Love and Fallout, set against the backdrop of the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp protests of the early eighties.

Scam 2.0

Iain Robinson

This extracted chapter from Robinson's The Buyer finds the narrator, David Medway, working late in the offices of his corporate employer.