Student Fiction

Private View

Matt Zandstra

Friday evening and the city squirmed after work. Suited men and straight skirted women hubbubed at the corner doors of...


Julianne Pachico

julianna pachico

Welcome to my tree home. You can leave your walking stick propped there against the trunk. Go ahead and take...


Suzanne Ushie

Suzanne Ushie - Photo

An excerpt from a short story. The driveway was narrow. Bluish paint peels hung from the walls, all the way up the tapered staircase...

Exit Wound

Nic Bouskill

Simon’s running fast, tearing through crowds of screaming kids. He’s all elbows and knees and panting like a dog. His...


Rachel Mendel

Rachel Mendel Pic

Extract from a novel. She picked up a pair of nail scissors from the clutter on my desk, began worrying split ends out of her mass of blonde hair...