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Bee Sparks

so far I’ve amassed:
an outsize brooch of an undersize beaded flamingo raising one eyebrow
an intricate ink and watercolour drawing of a topless guy with way too many
bulges and a speech bubble saying werk it gurrrl!!
a miniature ceramic replica of the Yellow Submarine (sadly no Blue Meanies
were included)
a butter dish covered in tiny silver bees that you thought would make a great
candle holder
a scrabble piece reading B1
a badge made from a crushed Yorkshire teabag
a tiny discoball missing one and a half mirrored panels
a 20s powder box with New York carved into its surface and ancient blush
crowding its corners
a black and white postcard picturing a closeup
of Ringo Starr’s nose

you send me novelty items every couple of months
the weight of each little package extending into some farcical tragedy       in
which I don’t know how to tell you that
I don’t really like you anymore

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