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Tilly Lunken

Adams – (17) is convinced his brains entitle him with the right to lord over everyone. He doesn’t need teaching, hell he’s a teacher.

Grahams – (17) but less sure of his place in the world, he is ready to follow the lead of whoever is taking the class.

Morrison – (17) and doesn’t need teachers as he knows everything there ever needs to be known. Who needs to go to school when you will one day own it?

Eric – (37) is a teacher of much experience, much ingenuity and much patience.


A one-man blue tent is pitched on the edge of a small town Occupy camp. The zip has been padlocked shut from the outside. In front a pair of dirty Birkenstocks and a pile of clothes; to the side an upturned milk crate topped with a newspaper and a steaming mug of tea. Other crates are scattered and there is a sign proclaiming ‘Occupy School.’

The tent moves; someone is trapped inside it.

Adams and Grahams, both in school uniform enter, Grahams kicks the school sign over. The tent stops moving.


To read the full script, click on the PDF:

Lunken, Tilly- Occupy Eric

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