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Monte Jackson

Two train seats on opposite sides of the front of the stage, both in slightly battered condition. The remaining area of the stage, including the area between the seats, is dark.

In the seat on the stage-left side of the stage, is ADRIAN DAHL, a German, aged thirty-nine. He is tall and slender, with a wan, but handsome face and a nervous demeanour. He is dressed in blacks and greys, with a dark overcoat and gloves. Next to his seat is a heavy-looking suitcase.

In the opposite seat is OLIVER LENNOX, a Scotsman, aged forty-two. He is slightly shorter than ADRIAN, and of medium build. OLIVER appears confident and composed in a tailored brown suit and overcoat with a scarf. Next to his seat is a medium-sized attaché case.

With the faint sound of a train running on tracks in the background, OLIVER reaches into the pocket of his coat and draws out a letter.

On the other side, ADRIAN looks out a window – he is troubled.

Unfolding the letter, OLIVER begins reading it aloud.

Jackson_Scriptwriting Final

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