The Cat

Daniel Gascón

A group translation into British dialects done as part of the British Centre for Literary Translation Summer School 2012


Daniel Gascón

A new girl started working in the tattoo parlour that summer and turned the whole street on its head.

My Gentle Twin

Nino Haratischwili

I look at your face: so pale, so peaceful, and I’m conscious of that old, familiar feeling and am suspicious of it, even as I feel it.

The Old People’s Home

Kjersti Skomsvold

The sound of cowbells keeps me awake at night, but eventually I fall asleep, I suppose, because the same sound wakes me up again every morning... Translation from the Norwegian, from the 2012 BCLT Summer School.


Gustaaf Peek

Tony drove round and round waiting for someone to leave. He felt cold and clammy and realised it was a long time since he’d had anything to eat or drink. He ran out of patience and stopped right in front of the building.