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Doug Jones


“What disassociates when it’s a long way from the sea –
matters don’t go back to the water no more, they lost the
connection. Large sheets of ice – gyrate slowly round the
arcades, laborious sublimate – tired, anxious with no
reinvigoration to talk to of, apart from the dim buzz of
hydrogen ions laying down on the pavement, tuning their
eyes up to heaven, as if the water falling from there might


“Similar/identical particles cohere – stand up – some in the
club where they’re stuck – though at the top tables
towers, someplace you can get food. Small conurbations
even then, streets, families that hang together in space
time, stuck to the intima of vessels which cloud the skies
– leaves/foliage – folly only the divine might plan –
adherents to the mal-organised society found among the


“Let Gt Yarmouth, yr mouth – find its bows bucks relative
to the direction it took, eyes converge to a plain of
interest, horses you see signalled – computated, known
relative to the distance to the point – you see, or
were it you? wood plaza held somewhere in town where
saw brown horses.. not just on the printout, but as tags,
claimed.animal sight – as is life; and a man is no good for


“Weirdest thing – got yr text while walking up the stairs,
see a man who supposed he was a gas. Giant he were –
but still gripped on phone for dear life – I said – friend, you
ain’t no gas, you are vapour – there’s water all in you +
that gave him doubt. Below critical point, by skin of his
teeth, no air/sound||conduct/gain of charge. Genetic type
yes that melt away too ghostly”


“Going south, from home, into matrix of worlds, recitals,
rooms – she’ll get herself confused by the non-productive
enormity of the stars – mass, lost stones. Down in energy,
where might she breathe, take in sustenance – or sleep?
Young woman, Caroline is engaged to change her human
form – long maturation of thus flesh/consciousness in + on
her. Strange: aristocrats who pay the money, paper a room
lie a bed dreaming.. What is this sign, on the sun?”


“If the maintenance man as falling, over the face of earth –
can clearly see he’s in pain – but is he hollow, or all
blocked out. You decide. God knows what will happen to
the lights of Yarmouth when his nociception finally hits
the sea ?they go out, ?crows swell, from the employee,
case, to grimace, point, mock. And our brains struggle
knowing if this is the ghost of our relationship to this life,


“Creation signalling self-sustaining covered in dark suit in
thick black veil, but thermodynamically arranged
Complete, pronounced under pursuit in the sun, sweet
notes/accent – I didn’t appear to understand him as he
stood up, coat off, autopoietic, new; walk’n on those
profound legs – to work cycle each 1- articulate d sound
was to surrounding chaos made in very drench of the
HEAT – always”


“So missy lay on the floor + wouldn’t get up . probably puts
it on. Was a hand with 5 fingers, waiting for them to
contract, masts, arcane sarcomeres, all of it wanting
traction. And on, still flesh and body to stand you up – but
not so much as to get her carried away. Commissioned to
sail – over corporate designations/plans, sandwiches,
quiet talk, + gains. At apex of the stairs, I said she was a



“All will be well. Sun coloring the workroom where bricks
get put back on the bride, she’s made once again –
wonderful. This the incantation – ALL – Whirl up her name
to curse mephitic bone. To hell, devils – beauty’s recast +
that which doesn’t have love – is only a lost translocation.
Yr veils are living now, ..suddenly a woman – ?do you
dare listen to her charm? Murderers? She’s coming back


“So it’s winter – the antibody hangs on to the epitope, turns
it over, over in its mind. Which one’s the nut, + which one
the kernel with all the trees in it.. Refractory in perfection –
though the universe has changed, and now is as small as
a fighting germ. ?Silent engagement into life. Amino acids
empty off the face of an emergent sun.. what will these
become, round town, when the B cell’s young again?”


“100 lengths of yr dead living island, pale Cicorax – earth
looking at the sky, with what? There’s nothing in there sky,
earth – part from gaping birds.. hear them calling from
inside yr tun – furlongs of long parturition, with a faint sea
round + landings of white skinned moneymen / kids;
whom of these to save to make rain? No water, but a
gravid cedar tree grows up – spilt into ships, this island”


“Under the reeds, the water there’s a sand on which the
automobile highway will emerge – thank god. This state,
reduction – making perfect as a wheel, one marshland –
submitted into blue material travel and arriving – heralds
the vanishing of the deity in his boat with his lichen,
gears, necessary and crown – light of the fresh river
absorbing winter – one vehicle is a man, the other who is
a gas”


“At the beginning of the play I saw the world going up + down
a ladder, saw the sun trapped inside a footballer’s head,
he were distraught – in rotation transitional this was his
propriocept, ah what a course. Fella had a Gaze, that
stood him up – or perhaps it saw a match at the beach
with manseals. The physical in total light, fella, would this
all be true – still – if I weren’t one of the audience of tuns?”


“The folk’s always there + always in part, even when
playing his vow for revenge. What a music it was – all
went to the hill, like doves in their shells might – so varied
in discourse, confused, talking at the apex of stars. O
admin workers overseas – glorious 3, there is no wealth,
or is there many|matter eager to seek new suburban
landscape and form, bent focusing, travel imagination –
ready at coin”


“Tragedy about the Keifer Sutherland sound is that it’s
always about love – a yellowing star, but nobodies
training, listening. Say he’s in a shop – blocked by the
army, looking for Marks with his poem, love (like. the
moon) draped on a chair like a ice covered pole. Home to
fess – to sing in the mystery of the organisation, but it’s
cold + He is lost, chair dies, below him there is a second


“On the island March ensemble + the maintenance men,
orderlies each with a tale to tell, cleaners, regional
premier of social importance in foaming head of the sun,
white beryl + life – when tugs take yellow bags back to the
hearth for drying at the light, point – uniformed staff, their
bodies’ stretch – laugh at months made of straw – each
other’s face – complicated electrics made of the light,


Adapted from Posts, Veer Books, 2013.

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