Everyone is Watching

Megan Bradbury

Megan Bradbury  ©AlexanderJames

Robert Mapplethorpe rips out a page from the magazine and cuts around the guy’s torso, leg and dick. He sticks these parts onto paper. He lies in a dark room in Brooklyn. It is 1967...


Annabel Abbs

Annabel Abbs

An extract from The Joyce Girl; a novelised account of the life of Lucia, the talented and ambitious daughter of James Joyce.

Not Working

Lisa Owens

LisaOwens-AlexanderJames new

An extract from Lisa Owens' debut novel, Not Working, published by Picador in hardback on 21st April.

Paddy & K’Den

Toby Litt

Toby Litt

A new short story featured from the Being Dad anthology published on March 3rd by Tangent Books.