A Visit

Presca Ahn

New fiction from UEA's incoming 2011-12 David T.K. Wong Writing Fellow.

The Den of Iniquity

Katy Darby

To coincide with the publication of her debut novel, 'The Whores' Asylum', we have an exclusive extract from Katy Darby's novel-in-progress.

Another Country

Anjali Joseph

An exclusive extract from Anjali Joseph's new novel 'Another Country', which will be published by 4th Estate this May.

Agatha & Max

Toby Litt

‘Where’s owls?’ asked Max. ‘I suppose they’re in the trees,’ said Agatha. ‘They live in the trees.’


D. W. Wilson

In the last weeks of the school year the hallways empty out and summer gets so close you can taste it like iron in your throat.

Not Knowing

Henry Sutton

Naked, except for a pair of black knickers with busted elastic, Callie walks across her bedroom floor.