Student Scriptwriting


Tilly Lunken

Adams – (17) is convinced his brains entitle him with the right to lord over everyone. He doesn’t need teaching, hell he’s a teacher.

State of Things

Ed Amsden

A couple sit in silence in their small, dark living room. MIKE, 58, is reading a television listings magazine which rests on his paunch.

Carnival Girls

Scott Brown

The tacky looking High Street of an old suburban market town in decline. Lampposts are draped in shabby Christmas – but not Christian specific – decorations


Joel Drake

A dot appears in the sky across from veg-a-mart supermarket. The dot gets larger accompanied by a hum.

Compound Education

Tamsin Flower

The air is heavy with dust and moisture as it nears mid-day. Picnic tables, alcoves and distant Portakabins interrupt the expanse.