Student Fiction

We Are Those Lions

Avani Shah

Avani Shah

When I wake up my whole body feels stiff and heavy, my skin tight like I’ve grown in my sleep and now it’s straining to cover twice as much of me...

White Coated Vultures

Rowan Whiteside

This is an extract from a novel-in-progress, provisionally entitled, Heartsick. Ellie isn’t supposed to die yet: she’s only twenty-two. But...

Blue Speedwell

Tatiana Strauss

It was all the giant, pulley-type things and strange machinery painted in thick yellows and blues that came first, riding...


Paul Howarth

Paul Howarth 150x150

Extract from an early draft of a novel set in Queensland, Australia, in 1877 My first real experience of the...

The Big Other

Matthew Mooney

Extract from a novel Men hate condoms but can’t admit why. Usually our excuse is the extra pressure they bring...


Malachi McIntosh

Chapter one of a novel * Boom. The crash rattles the house, knocks flat all the ornaments on her television...