Student Fiction


Rory Power

The opening of 'Wildergirls', a young adult novel set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina


Lauren Van Schaik Smith

The summer I was twenty-one I figured I’d marry Art Carson. I settled on it in the double parlour at Verna Hobbes’ house, the day she married Alden Shirley, when the dance music treacled and I got stuck against the wallpaper with Art’s sister...

Canaan Gulch

Sam C. Allen

Caroline steps cautiously up the front porch, careful not to trip on her skirts, and raps on the doorknob three times with the gold knocker. She’s met with silence...


Lucy Malouf

An extract from Lucy Malouf's darkly comic novel-in-progress, Scoff

We Are Those Lions

Avani Shah

When I wake up my whole body feels stiff and heavy, my skin tight like I’ve grown in my sleep and now it’s straining to cover twice as much of me...

White Coated Vultures

Rowan Whiteside

This is an extract from a novel-in-progress, provisionally entitled, Heartsick. Ellie isn’t supposed to die yet: she’s only twenty-two. But...