Student Fiction

White Coated Vultures

Rowan Whiteside

This is an extract from a novel-in-progress, provisionally entitled, Heartsick. Ellie isn’t supposed to die yet: she’s only twenty-two. But...

Blue Speedwell

Tatiana Strauss

It was all the giant, pulley-type things and strange machinery painted in thick yellows and blues that came first, riding...


Paul Howarth

Paul Howarth 150x150

Extract from an early draft of a novel set in Queensland, Australia, in 1877 My first real experience of the...

The Big Other

Matthew Mooney

Extract from a novel Men hate condoms but can’t admit why. Usually our excuse is the extra pressure they bring...


Malachi McIntosh

Chapter one of a novel * Boom. The crash rattles the house, knocks flat all the ornaments on her television...